Stefan Sagmeister – by ciAnnait

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This quote is possibly Stefan Sagmeisters most famous quote. Actually, it was a sign hanging inside his studio in 1993. It alluded to his conscious attempt to not get caught up in fashion statements, trend-spotting, or recreating what has gone before for the sake of some preconceived notion of style. He says “it was the headline of
 a theory that style and stylistic questions are just hot air
 and meaningless”.


He has since removed the sign, and given up this theory stating that:

“I have learned that good (even trendy) style and form play an important role in delivering content to the viewer. But I never thought that graphic design has to be timeless. With very few exceptions I love the fact that design starts to look dated after a while.”

Stefan Sagmeister is probably best known for his Album cover work. He has design covers for Lou Reed, David Byrne, Talking Heads – once in a lifetime, box set and, The Rolling Stones, amongst others. His work has been described as humorous, with a hand-made quality, and controversial, without being offensive.


He says of his work: “For a long time we’ve tried to make design that’s somehow more personal, possibly more human-centered, more organic, more handmade, less objective, and moresubjective.”


Originally from Austria, he graduated from the Vienna University of applied arts, with a first class degree, and a $1000 prize from the city of Vienna in 1985. In 1992 He moved to Hong Kong, and after some controversy at the advertising agency Leo Burnett, and tiring of the fast pace and high pressure of the large agency, went to New York to open his own studio.


He is currently working on a project “things I have learned in my life so far” inspired by the work of his grandfather. It is a series of typographic works, asking the question ‘how does the typography affect the transmission of the topic?’ sagmeister





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