POST 1 – Ivan Chermayeff by Avi Cuong Nguyen

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Video of Ivan Chermayeff’s work.

Who is Ivan Chermayeff?

He was born in London England 1932, studied design at Harvard University. He went on to be instructor at Brooklyn College and the School of Visual Arts, New York.

As well as being vice president, president or member of International design Conference of Aspen, Alliance Graphique International Benjamin Franklin Fellow Royal Society of the Arts London and many others. Metroartwork (2012).

In the late 1950s Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar formed a partnership as a means of expressing their modernist ideals. They saw design as a problem-solving discipline. To humanize their ideals they incorporated humor, artistic invention and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Armed with training and what was revolutionizing ideals, at their time, Chermayeff and Geismar went on to make some of the most iconic and memorable sculptures, designs and graphics of the twentieth century.

These ideals are further personified by one of Chermayeff’s quotes.
Design is directed towards human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution.”

Willsherwood (2012).

His works include:

Cover design for Bertrand Russell’s Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare in 1960s.

Where Chermayeff uses power visual metaphors to evoke fearsome ideas about mankind’s vulterability to nuclear war.

Rockpaperink (2012), <>.

Winston churchill: the wilderness years, 1983
image for a television series.

Designboom (2012), <>.

Ivan Chermayeff

NBC (national broadcasting company) identity, 1986

Designboom (2012), <>.

Ivan Chermayeff

Chase Manhattan Bank identity, 1961

Designboom (2012), <>.

Ivan Chermayeff

Mobil oil identity, 1964

Designboom (2012), <>.

Ivan Chermayeff


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Ivan Chermayeff

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Creative Review – Design Indaba Day 1

by Avi Cuong Nguyen


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