POST 01: Luke. ‘Michael Bierut’

Posted: March 5, 2012 by lukestudeman in Uncategorized

POST 01: Luke. ‘Michael Bierut’

Michael Bierut. Purest or precedent?

Michael Bierut was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1957. Due to his love of the arts and music, this lead to his first  work, designing album covers. This led Beirut to his local library where there where no more than two books, one by Milton Glaser and the other by Armin hofmann. Instantly convinced, he went on to study graphic design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. In 1980 Bierut was lucky enough to land a job at Massimo and Lella Vignelli leaders at the time in the industry. In 1990 he became a partner of Pentagram, the most recognised collaboration of artists today and continues his simplistic yet captivating approach.

In an age of expression and statement, only questions will prevail productivity!

Considering myself as a self-taught artist that has never taken the time to stand back and ask why? Why do we approach design with such a complex thought process, yet consummate such simple designs.
Michael Bierut has established him self as an icon of graphic design, with the use of five fonts and elegant design that is based purely on ‘Formalism’. A set of rules, the grid and basic fonts. A constant demonstration of modesty and integrity.

Is this simplicity and clean aesthetic approach to design to descend into the forgotten past? With fads rarely approached today, along-side wet photography & grey-scale printing? Or is this form of design the blueprint for our future?

Our future is far from mapped out but us designers can see the writing on the wall!

How do you see our future?



































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