POST 2 (Odin): Erik Adigard (Logoraphic Designer)

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Odin in Uncategorized

Erik Adigard

is a Graphic Designer with a diverse portfolio: logos, branding, corporate identity, web design, art  installations, book designs, visual essays, videos… Erik is continually seeking to redefine how information and identity is conveyed, understood and recognised.

How Erik approaches design is exemplified by his work for IBM. IBM has a number of different subsidiary companies, to which Erik’s M-A-D Design Studios has given each a distinct identity, while creating a cohesive corporate branding to which all remain true.

IBM uses colour to identify each of its subsidiary companies. This allows each of the companies to be recognised immediately, and sets the theme for subsequent branding, from logo to layout.

IBM brand colours

IBM also has a number of graphic devices that identify the companys’ logos as IBM, most notably the river (horizontal stripes) and the mosaic.

As explained in the M-A-D website: In combination with the white background it <the river> conveys a sense of clarity and OPENNESS, which is a core IBM attribute.”


IBM Brand Logic

The use of the mosaic reflects the qualities of modularity, flexibility and adaptability. From M-A-D: The IBM software Brand Mosaics are based on a visual language system that includes color fields, icons, patterns and photos. These elements allow for varying iconographic demands. The mosaic solution is efficient as a “branded syntax” since it allows for the use of an infinite variety of visual components without altering the overall design framework.”

Tivoli Mosaic

The IBM subsidiaries also have their own unique logos, though they are identifiable as IBM by the unifying style of their shape and composition. These unique logos provide the visual reference point for the identity and function of the individual company.

IBM brand logos (Rational Inc.)



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