Post 3 – Kahra

Posted: March 5, 2012 by kahraokeefe in Uncategorized

I have to say that Vegemite logo wins, hands down!!

Vegemite is all things right with the world. I reminds me of summer, sprinklers, everything cosy, all things certain. When I am in foreign countries, I dont need to feel homesick if i have vegemite.  I feel proud and patriotic when accompanied by vegemite on my daily endeavours. the one and only time, i can absolutely not say no, is when faced with soft freshly baked bread slatherd with butter and vegemite… Aaaaah… Bliss… Vegemite represents all that is right with the world


The other I would say is ANZ logo…

I love my bank. The logo promises all plus more, and i feel that security and care for the past 15 years.

It works!! It feels safe, professional, current, fresh, young but trustworthy..

Ahhh corporate branding…. I Hate to Love it!!













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