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Alvin Lustig was an American graphic designer, typeface designer and teacher. He began designing book covers in 1937 and revolutionized the approach to book cover design in the 1940’s. One of his most memorable masterpieces is that of the book cover, Lorca: 3 Tragedies. It stands out with its symbolic acuity, compositional strength and typographic craft. It became a basis for a great many contemporary book jackets and covers. He set new standards and doubled sales on some books.

In 1944 he became Director of Visual Research for Look Magazine. He also designed for fortune, New Directions and Girl Scout of America. He was known for his expertise in virtually all the design disciplines. He also designed record albums, magazine adevertisements, commercial catalogs, annual reports and office spaces and textiles.

He rose to success early in his career working for a variety of clients, taking on a vast array of projects and produced a staggering amount of work. Lustig embraced the mid century modernism style and influenced all around him. Sadly he died at the early age of 40 in 1955. 

His simplified shapes and use of flat colors, all while creating elaborate and intensely interesting compositions, are still imitated today by many graphic designers.

He was inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1986.

Alvin Lustig : Design Is History

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Alvin Lustig – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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