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Posted: March 6, 2012 by kahraokeefe in Uncategorized

Vignelli’s Logos….

American Airlines Logo

American airlines logo is generally represented 2 capital A’s with a graphic  between them. The colours are in red, blue and white, which are the colours of the American flag envoking a feeling of patriotism, while also standing out. The fonts are classic, therefore timeless hence why the logo remains unchanged today. The graphic is a picture of an eagle flying or could also be seen as the shape of the aircraft wings crossed over.

CorpGroup Logo

‘CorpGroup is a Chilean Holding, including a Bank (CorpBanca), an Insurance Company (CorpVida) and a cultural Foundation (CorpArtes). Each division has a color and the Holding has all three of them. Each separate corporate
indentity follows the same color scheme throughout all printed matter and signage.’

The Logo is of a geometric design with strong colours. The company asa whole is represented as parts of the same circle. Each portion merges into the next  creating as feeling of unity while the contrasting colours show their individuality. Its clean, friendly and strong at the same time.

Knoll International Logo

Knoll international is a furniture design company, mainly designing office furniture, with a look that is modern, and creating  products that are cutting edge, evolving and long lasting. Vignelli, not only designed their Iconic logo, but also designed furniture for them with his wife Lella.

Vignelli was asked to designed a new graphic program for Knoll ‘which he considers to be the most exciting and rewarding of his professional career. Vignelli’s graphic program, which established a design grid to unify all visual and promotional aspects of the company, had a profound impact in the furniture industry, becoming the model for other manufacturers.’

As you can see in this logo, he plays with the company’s modern aesthetic by using these very simplistic bold fonts in various opacities. It also has a very watercolor painterly look. He uses the grid of thirds and angles to lead you to the company info, which ordinarily wouldn’t be noticed as the fonts are quite small.

  1. stacypollard says:

    great post kahra. edited border around corp group logo as it was too bolder and “suffocating” logo and gave it more breathing space my increasing vertical and horizontal pad to 25. what do you think?

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