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David Carson

1954 – September 8 in Corpus Christi, Texas
1980 – Carson contact with Graphic design at the University of Arizona on a two week course

Carson attended a three-week workshop as part of his degree in Swizerland

1983 – Carson started to experiment with graphic design with influenced bohemian culture of Southern California.

Carson went on to become the art director of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Among other things, he was also a professional surfer.
1989 – Carson was qualified as the 9th best surfer in the world.
Carson’s design on Surfer magazine (and laterSurfers Journal).


Evolved out of a to-the-trade annual supplement; the new, quarterly publication was called Beach Culture.

A stint at How magazine (a trade magazine aimed at designers) followed, and soon Carson was hired by publisher Marvin Scott Jarrett to design Ray Gun, a magazine of international standards which had music and lifestyle as its subject.

In this period, publications such as the New York Times (May 1994) and Newsweek (1996) featured Carson and increased his publicity grea

1995Carson founded his own studio, David Carson Design, in New York City

1995–1998 – Carson was doing work for Pepsi Cola,
Ray Ban (orbs project), Nike, Microsoft, Budweiser, Giorgio Armani, NBC, American Airlines and Levi Strauss Jeans, and later worked for a variety of new clients, including AT&T, British Airways, Kodak, Lycra, Packard Bell, Sony, Suzuki, Toyota, Warner Bros., CNN, Cuervo Gold, Johnson AIDS Foundation, MTV Global, Princo, Lotus Software, oFx TV, Nissan, quiksilver, Intel, Mercedes-Benz, MGM Studios and Nine Inch Nails

2000Carson closed his New York City studio

2004 – Carson became the Creative Director of Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, designed the special “Exploration” edition of Surfing Magazine, and directed a television commercial for UMPQUA Bank in Seattle, Washington.
2010 – Carson worked as worldwide Creative Director for Bose Corporation. He also served as Design Director for the 2011 Quiksilver Pro Surfing contest in Biarritz, France, and designed the branding for the 2011 Quiksilver Pro in New York City.



Carson claims that his work is

“subjective, personal and very self indulgent”.

Biography :


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