Post 1 – (Helene) The Legacy of an American Graphic Artist

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Helene in Uncategorized

Paul Rand

“Everything is design. Everything!” – Paul Rand

Paul Rand passed away in 1996 after living through one of the most exciting times where ideas and design were to stand as a true form of art, opening the door to his profession of graphic artist.  His vast legacy of designs is known in the field of logos, but also posters, book covers, and children’s book illustrations.  His approach and philosophy to graphic design were influenced by his interest in architecture, painting, sculpture and other designers. The emphasis for him was always around colour, scale, proportions and orientation. As his famous quote sums it up “You do not worry about newness… you just worry about whether something is good or bad.”

Paul Rand was born in New York in 1914 and his style was inspired by designers and artists from what is often referred to as the Swiss Style.

Paul Klee

Wassily Kandinsky

Walter Gropius & The Bauhaus School

Chapel designed by Le Corbusier

This does not simply describe a style of graphic design made in Switzerland. It became famous through the art of very talented Swiss graphic designers, but it emerged in Russia, Germany and Netherlands in the 1920’s, including Swiss painter Paul Klee, Russian art theorist Wassily Kandinsky, English art critic Roger Fry, founder of the Bauhaus School Walter Gropius,  and Swiss born French architect Le Corbusier to name a few.

As he developed his own style, Paul Rand was also influenced by Gustav Jensen, Danish born American industrial designer also author of the font “Tasneem”.

It is also around that formative period of his life that Paul Rand makes the decision to create a brand for himself by shortening his overtly Jewish identity from his birth name Peretz Rosenbaum, to the short name of Paul Rand. Two sets of four letters that would create a nice symbol. It proved to be enduring. Everything is design… everything!

  1. mypalmick says:

    “You do not worry about newness… you just worry about whether something is good or bad.”
    I like what he said and that exactlly represented in his work.IBM logo is rock!

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