POST 4: Typography

Posted: March 12, 2012 by stacypollard in Uncategorized

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“Typography is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters”

– Steve Byers

“A typeface is an alphabet in a straightjacket”

– Alan Fletcher

“You can do a good ad without good typography, but you can’t do a great ad without good typography.”

– Herb Lubalin

“Typographical design should perform optically what the speaker creates through voice and gesture of his thoughts.”

– El Lizzitsky

Select one of your designers. Show and tell of their contribution to twentieth century typography. 250 words, 5 images, 5 links and comment on two other student posts.
due 27.03.2012
If neither selected designer works in typography choose from the following list. names in red have already been selected. please post coment with your choice.
Jan Tschichold, Jonathan Barnbrook, Luke Lucas, Timba Smits, Alison Carmichael, Nicola Dextras, Gemma Obrien, Marian Bantjes, Elaine Lustig Cohen . Hjarta Smarta , Andrew Byrom, Coffee made me do it, Hort, Vincent Connare, Kris Holmes, Hermann Zapf, Adrian Frutiger, Carol Twombly, Alex Troucht, Max Miedinger, Matthew Carter, Paul Renner, Keetra Dean Dixon, Jessica Hirsch, Wim Crouwel
  1. moniquemwilson says:

    I would like to use Luke Lucas, please! 🙂

  2. kahraokeefe says:

    I will be doing Kris Holmes

  3. Ciannait says:

    Stephen Sagmeister please, Stacey 🙂

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