Post 2; Kay: Alan Fletcher Logo Graphic Design

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Logo Graphic Designers – ORIGIN from Greek logos ‘word,’
Alan Fletcher (27/09/1931 – 21/09/2006)

Alan was born in Kenya, but moved back to England, London by the age of 5.

Back in England he started to study at the Hammersmith School of Art in 1949. From here he continued to study at a couple of other art schools including the Royal Collage of Arts and a scholarship at School of Architecture & Design at Yale.

1962 Alan founded the design firm Fletcher/Forbes/Gill that in 1965 became Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes. And in 1972 this collaboration became known as  Pentagram !

Clients of Fletcher were included Pirelli, Cunard, Penguin Books and Olivetti.

The logo for the company REUTERS, which is made up out of 84 dots was designed by Fletcher in 1965 and was retired in 1992.

– Fletchers idea is based on teleprinter tape

A couple of other very known logos of Fletcher are still in use to date.

The V&A logo for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London he designed in 1989 and it is still in use.

– Strong lines and counter space gives this logo its unique mark

Also still in use is the logo for the Institute of Directors IoD which he created in.

In last years he also designed the logo for the Italian School of Architecture.

The Daily Telegraph described him as follows:
“the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific”.

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