Post 2- Christine- Logographic Design

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Chermayeff & Geismar

Chermayeff & Geismar is the brand design firm behind many of the world’s most recognizable trademarks. Designers Ivan Chermayeff and Steff Geissbuhler met while studying and today have designed world known logo’s.




Discuss Logo: NBC’s six feathered peacock has become one of the world’s best known birds.
What it represents: The six feathered peacock’s feathers incorporating the six primary and secondary colors in the RYB color palette.
Use of Colour: (as above)
Shape: the shape indicates the richness in color and shape of the peacock
Symbol: The bird fanned its bright plumage
How the visual identity has changed with the times:
From a microphone with lightning bolts, to a xylophone and mallet.
With richness in colour an eleven-feathered peacock. Updated as a fancy-cut N. Then combining together the N and peacock.
Chermayeff & Geismar have trimmed and chopped their past to a clean cut present.

Discuss Logo: Designed in 1981, the type manages to be both contemporary and classic, emphasizing the proud New York heritage
What it represents: NEW YORK! By placing the ‘N’ and ‘Y’ in the centre.
Use of Colour:
Shape: Simplicity of using Typography
Symbol: N and Y in middle.
How the visual identity has changed with the times: Hasn’t changed

Discuss Logo: Designed in 1961, when few American corporations were identified by abstract symbols
What it represents: survived a series of mergers
Use of Colour:
Shape: octagon
How the visual identity has changed with the times:
Chermayeff & Geismar have given it an iconic stamp just like nike and McDonalds.
Discuss Logo: Designed in 1964, the Mobil logotype has become instantly recognisable across the globe.

What it represents: motion and mobility
Use of Colour: reliant on colour, the black only version makes use of two concentric circles (for the letter ‘o’)
Shape: O
Symbol: type
How the visual identity has changed with the times:
A red Pegasus along side the word Mobil was its logo. Today dropping the logo and using type and colour.
Discuss Logo: Designed in 1997, this trade association for brokers and dealers.
What it represents: Uses a logo that appeals to those with an eye for upwardly-moving charts.
Use of Colour: Black and white. Strong yet simple.
Shape: Words climbing up
Symbol: Upwardly movement
How the visual identity has changed with the times: Hasn’t changed

  1. crystalspencer30 says:

    Christine this is such a well researched post. For me these guys are hit and miss, i quite liked the Mobil symbol with Pegasus included, I think it made the message of ‘movement’ stronger for me, yes it is very recognizable but maybe that’s just because its been around a long time? I don’t know i just don’t understand why this has stood out in the crowd. However the six colour peacock is beautiful and colourful in my opinion but its funny before this post i had no idea what it represented. Thank Chris!

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