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Milton Glaser was born in 26th June 1929 in New York.

He studied at the cooper union art school and as a fulbright scholar, attended the academy of 
fine arts, bologna, Italy under Giorgio Morandi.

From 1954 to 1974 Glaser was the founder and president
of the ‘push pin’ studio (with Semour Chwast, Reynold Ruffins and Edward Sorel) in New York.

In an era dominated by Swiss rationalism, Glaser and Push pin style stood out from the crowd by utilizing an eclectic and eccentric design of the passé past. This style introduced a distinctly contemporary design vocabulary on mediums such as record sleeves, books, 
posters, logos, font design and magazine formats.

In 1968, Glaser and Clay Felker founded ‘New York magazine’. Through the magazine Glaser developed a popular publication ‘underground gourmet’ by writing about good cheap restaurants in New York, which had a huge following until 1977.

Glaser also designed numerous book covers, which were written by his Shirley






Milton Glaser was awarded the National Medal of Arts and was the tenth recipient for outstanding achievements and support of the arts, by President Obama.











Original ‘I Love New York’ concept by Milton Glaser






































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Milton Glaser


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