Post 2 – Monique – Tom Geismar – Logographic Designer

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Tom Geismar

Born July 15, 1931, Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA.
American Graphic Designer

Tom Geismar has designed many logos in is Graphic Design career, some of them are as follows…

–       Chase Bank

–       Mobil Oil

–       National Geographic

–       New York University

–       Public Broadcasting Service

–       United Nations Development Programme

–       Xerox Corporation

–       Tennessee Aquarium

As you can see from the extensive list above, Geismar is a leading and also one of the most highly
acclaimed Graphic Designers in Corporate Identity.

The following logos are the TWO main ones that stood out to me…

Mobil (1964)


Although the Mobil logo was designed in 1964, I believe the type, colours and the logo in general are timeless.  Nearly 50 years on and the logo is still being used today, in all parts of the world.
The idea of the red O came about partly to reinforce a design concept to use circular canopies, pumps, and display elements for a distinctive and attractive look. It also served to help people pronounce the name correctly
(Mo-bil, not Mo-bile), and, of course, to add a single memorable and distinctive element to an otherwise very simple lettering style.

National Geographic (2002)


The National Geographic logo is one of the clearest, most identifiable, most portable images on the planet.
Everyone knows the National Geographic logo.

The National Geographic logo is so simple, yet so effective. The National Geographic network showcases such amazing documentaries across a vast range of subjects, so, how this logo meant to portray everything the network puts to air?
In my opinion, its not, but kudos to Tom Geismar for designing such a thing.
A simple logo is the perfect fit, who would have thought one yellow rectangle could be so effective.
I personally see the “yellow rectangle” in the NG logo as a window…
“Look through the window and see the beautiful world differently”.
The “yellow rectangle” is also is what is on the cover of the National Geographic Magazine, so this keeps in uniform with the rest of the company.


  1. christineslabb says:

    Simplicity yet powerful, I think best describes Tom Geismar. I like how he says “I believe the type, colours and the logo in general are timeless”.
    Monique, we can all learn from Tom Geismar!

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