Post 2, Paula Laki: Saul Bass logos

Posted: March 13, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized

Designs By Saul Bass

Girl Scouts USA Logo:

The overall shape is based on Juliette Low’s original design, of the pin the girl’s would wear on their uniforms. The Colours used reflects the girl scout ideals, white being a symbol of purity and the green being outdoors, adventure and connection to the earth. The Use of block colours and using white space to define the shape of human body parts are typical of Saul Bass’s style, which you will find in many of his film posters such as ‘The Man with the Golden Arm’.

AT&T Logo:

The original design for this logo was a bell, named after the original owner of the company ‘Alexander Graham Bell’ and also a bell would ring receive the Telegraph across long distances and later it symbolised the ringing of the phone.

Saul Bass’s redesign of the logo brought the company up to date in a new age the circle representing the global world as well the colour of the blue planet. And Saul Bass’s clever use of changing the width of the lines in the globe gives it a turning spinning movement. Showing that the company offers continues, unbroken and fast connections.

The blue could also be connected to the colour of the cord that connects the computer to the internet.

Kleenex Logo:

I chose this logo because it was so different to the other logos Saul Bass usually designs.

It is the only one purely based in Typography no image or symbol connected with it yet the bold style minimal based colour and almost hand made structure are all typical of Saul Bass’s style making the typography a logo within it’s self.

  1. moniquemwilson says:

    Thanks for the good insight!
    You have defiantly thought about these logo’s quite thoroughly!
    Great post!

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