Post 3 (Odin): 10 Favourite Australian Logos

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Odin in Uncategorized

This took a bit of deciding, so I went with the most objective way of choosing, my own subjective opinion….

10. Billabong– I had to choose one surf company, so I went with the Goldy surf company Billabong, even if they are now a multi-national conglomerate. I think that the stylised waves are both calming and exciting at once and are evocative.

9. Montezuma’s Mesa – another Gold Coast started  institution, that has now travelled up and down the coast. Simple, direct, with a funky font. It alludes to tasty food and sangria…

8. 4GG AM –Yes, another Gold Coast institution. I don’t even remember listening to it (I was too young) but living in Brissy and seeing this on my weekends meant I was on the Goldy again, not in Brisbane. Yep, weekends and holidays are important…

Picture courtesy of,37074694

7. Brisbane Commonwealth Games 1982 – I had just moved to Brisbane at the beginning of the year and this was everywhere. Aussie colours making a stylised kangaroo, everyone felt very patriotic and excited. Now I wonder what happened to Matilda after her retirement on Kennedy Drive?

Picture courtesy of

 6. N.S.W. National Parks and Wildlife Service – Come on, it has a lyre bird AND a boomerang, how cool is that?

5. Modular Records – Hip, bright, modern and colorful … and it has a mirrorball! Just like its artists….

4. Australian Made – This logo inspires confidence, and patriotism (the good kind). It is simple, direct, and the stylised kangaroo and green and gold colours are aesthetically pleasing (thank God Australia doesn’t have clashing colours as a national identity). Plus the triangle shape hangs well on products….

3. AC/DC – Voted as one of the best rock / metal logos of all time in many polls, it even was considered “Australia’s most trusted brand” by a survey a few years back (Peter Garret came in last… thankfully, I don’t think Angus has political aspirations).  This is a fantastic logo; instantly recognisable, red on black, top-lit, electric, durable… it rocks!

2. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) – Simple, instantly recognisable, this is the symbol of Australia’s own government funded TV station. I think that the shape is pleasing, well known; it works as a simple black and white silhouette as well as the modern stainless three-dimensional form. I would be pretty proud if I had designed a logo like this.

1. RAGE – Okay, this is my favourite. Late nights receiving the best musical education that I could get, I have Rage to thank for much of my life’s soundtrack. It is the longest running music TV show in Australia, and one of the longest in the world. The colourful, vibrating colours contrast beautifully with the simple clean typeface, and the blue screen evokes the old tube TV’s (remember them?). Rage is my number one choice for best Australian logo, the one I most trust, the perennial favourite…

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