Post Two. Jake: Ken Cato

Posted: March 13, 2012 by jakecheeseman in Uncategorized

 Ken Cato

Ken Cato built an international reputation as a talented   graphic designer capable of powerfully articulating a concept or brand through visuals, objects, interiors and landscapes. He has created a strong identity with designing logos, well known as the man who created the Commonwealth Bank, Channel 7 and SBS logos. He is also the man behind the Coles logo as well as the Australian Made logo and has worked with companies such as QANTAS.

Channel Seven

The Channel Seven logo, designed by Ken Cato, represents the television channel, ‘Channel Seven. The colours used in the current Channel 7 logo is a strong vibrant red, although Cato has stated that the original was intended to be made with the full spectrum of colours. The design of the channel seven logo is very simplistic, yet highly effective. It looks quite like a red ribbon folded over to form the shape of the numeral “7”, and has further advanced into a sleek, modern version which we all see today.


The original kangaroo symbol found on QANTAS aeroplanes was adapted from the Australian one-cent coin. In 1995, Ken Cato designed an innovation to Tony Lunn’s slender, stylised QANTAS logo of the kangaroo. Kato’s design bought together the Flying kangaroo symbol and the words ’75 years’ to mark QANTAS’ contribution to civil aviation, and has only recently in 2007, been innovated once more by another contemporary designer by the name of Hans Hulsbosch.

Other logo’s designed by Ken Cato include the ‘Australian Made’ logo, the LJ Hooker, Commonwealth Bank, SBS and Melbourne Logo.











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