NAOKI POST2: Kashiwa Sato / thE hoTteSt LOgo DeSigner in JAPAN

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                    KASHIWA SATO

” I’m just communication doctor.”

Born in Tokyo in 1965. Graduated from the one of top of Art school in Japan Tama Art University with Graphic Design major.
 Established his own creative studio “Samurai” in 2000 after working for Hakuhodo Inc which the biggest advertice company in Japan.

Major Works:

TVCF for “HONDA STEP WGN” and others

, participated idle group SMAP ‘s particular campaign, he got design award with this art work,

 product design for mobile phone “FOMA N702iD” and “N703iD” for phone company NTT DoCoMo, and the work made his name like jet rocket was creative direction for UNIQLO’s global flag-ship shop in NY and UT STORE HARAJUKU,this UNIQULO campaign expanded world wide, VI and sign designing works for National Art Center, Tokyo, branding works for kindergarten, university, and hospital, total direction from product development to advertise campaign for products of KIRIN BREWERY’ CO., LTD such as “GOKUNAMA” and others, VI and created TSUTAYA which is the largest DVD/CD rental sore chane and space direction for TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI, CI works for Rakuten Group and FAST RETAILING CO., LTD., and art direction for “EIGO DE ASOBO” for NHK Education TV and more.


Award received include:

・ Mainichi Design Award     ・Tokyo ADC Grand Prize     ・ Tokyo ADC Award
      ・ Yusaku Kamekura Design Award        ・Asahi Advertising Award
  ・TDC Annual Awards Gold Prize     ・ JAGDA New Designer Award in 2000
     ・ACC CM FESTIVAL Gold Prize      ・Japan Package Design Award Gold Prize
JR East Japan Poster Grand Prix      ・Nikkei Advertising Award
・ Mainichi Design Award for Excellence     ・ THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS Silver World Medal,
and many more.

Major exhibitions:

2002: “The Power of Art Direction!”, Creation Gallery G8
2002: “TOKYO 02-03 [MORE THAN 2D, LESS THAN 3D]”, SHISEIDO La Beaute, Paris
2004: “Exhibition of Kashiwa SATO – BEYOND-”, Ginza Graphic Gallery

Biographyカシワ顔写真) (ユニクロNY)…(Smap缶)…(TSUTAYA) (極生)


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