NAOKI POST3: Favourite Aussie Logos

Posted: March 17, 2012 by mypalmick in Uncategorized

Australia Surf Life Saving

Simple pictures and direct messages.There aren’t too much desighned,however you could see proffecional atmosphere from this mark.

Go Swim!


If you’re taliking about Aussie logo,how could I miss Holden!

Very strong and commited image from this logo,in the other hand friendly and kindly image.

Go Holden.




                                Pipe Dream

                            Surf shop in Coolangatta.I hadn’t realized for a while that actually this logo is consist of  “p” for Pipe   and “d” for Dream,then created nice square shape. Nice conbination,simple and direct messages!                      

                                                         Go surf!



I chose Roxy instead of Quicksilver,I also hadn’t realized for a while Roky logo is actually consist of two Quicksilver logos and they tuned on heart shape.Besides if it was only Quick logo,it looks more agressive but when put them together like that,it would be soft and absorutely girls brand.

Go Girl!



Simple color combination and designed,however there is very strong message and stuck in my memory.Also it made friendly but strong impression logo from just four boring concective words by using yellow and red.

                                                                                               Go Beer!



Australian Made

This logo is my first favourite,take a look that kangaroo represented by just three lines then it looks absolutely kangaroo.Also the triangle shape instead of square or circle is very good idea. Australian fauna,Australian color,simple design,nice triangle and message,everything is make sense to me.Great logo.


Go Australia!


  1. moniquemwilson says:

    Great post Naoki!
    I didn’t realize that the Roxy logo was two Quicksilver logos turned into a heart.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. crystalspencer30 says:

    Naoki what a funny post. I agree with you about the ‘Roxy Pro’ Logo, the Quicky pro logo on its own is quite masculine but two of the same logo joined up to make a heart makes it more feminine. The quicksilver logo is one that has been etched in my mind because growing up in Kingscliff i was surrounded by cool kids who were great surfers, so i saved up money to buy Quicksilver clothing and drew the logo on every pencil case i owned and every desk i sat at, but i still wasn’t cool! The Quicksilver logo represented to me something to yearn for but also something that was unattainable.
    Thanks Naoki
    Go Naoki

  3. natkiryk says:

    Nice work Naoki! I really loved reading this blog, made me laugh. thanx for the info xo

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