POST 2 Michael Bierut Logo Design, by LukeS

Posted: March 19, 2012 by lukestudeman in Uncategorized

Michael  Bierut has exceled in his chosen field of graphic design from his days with Massimo and Lella Vignelli leaders in the industry before the 90’s where he became a partner of Pentagram, the most recognised collaboration of artists today. With his his simplistic yet captivating approach to design, it is no wonder it has served well when confronting logo design. Simplicity and the idea that, if the design works black and white, it will work with colour. This leads to easily identifiable branding.

“The truth about logos is that they are not that hard to do. If you ask people in the US what logos they like and recognise, they’ll name Target or Nike. Target for example, is just a dot with a circle around it, that’s all it is, so if you want a logo like Target, you don’t need to hire a designer, you barely need to know how to operate a computer program, the logo may as well be anything. God knows we do a lot of them here, but I think the best work in the area comes down to what most designers would agree on: the obvious thing, it’s not the actual logo but how it is used.”

From a recent interview with Pentagram partner Michael Bierut.

1: Green Patriot Logo/Branding 2. Molson Coors & Sab Miller Merger becoming Miller Coors 3. Saks 5th Ave Logo/branding 4. The Fashion Centre Logo 5. New World Symphony Logo

  1. kinnit says:

    Love this guys work. Good post. You coming back?

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