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Australian Coat of arms

The featured Australian coat of arms in this post was commissioned and granted by King George V in 1912. The coat of arms features the six Australian states on the shield. The shield is enclosed by an ermine border. The shield is a symbol for the federation of the states.

The first official coat of arms of Australia was granted by a Royal Warrant of King Edward VII in 1908. This coat of arms was used on some Australian coins even after it was superseded in 1912, and last appeared on the sixpenny piece in 1966.

Usually the arms is depicted on a background of sprays of golden wattle with a scroll beneath it containing the word ‘Australia’. The wattle and scroll, however, are not part of the armorial design and are not mentioned in the Royal Warrant.

The Australian Government uses the coat of arms to authenticate documents and for other official purposes. Its uses range from embellishing the Australian passport to forming part of all Australian government departmental insignias. The use of the coat of arms by private citizens or organisations is rarely permitted by the Australian Government, and doing so would contravene laws relating to misrepresentation, forgery or trademark infringement.

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Australian made logo

In the 1930s a group of businesses got together and created a media campaign to publicise Australian made products.

In 1961 a national campaign was launched by the various chambers of commerce and called Operation Boomerang, a red boomerang on blue circle, this campaign was a direct forebear to the current Australian Made logo that utilises a stylised yellow kangaroo on a green triangle

In 1986, when the Australian Made logo was introduced, it’s purpose was simple: to identify authentic Australian products.

Woolworths logo

The Current logo 2008 rebranding.

On 22 August 2008, Woolworths announced it was launching a new identity for all its supermarkets and plans to replace the Safeway brand in Victoria, in order to unite all of its supermarkets under one common brand ‘Woolworths’.

The logo, which had been in use for 21 years, was replaced with a new brand image, designed byHans Hulsbosch with a new green tinted icon representing the ‘W’ in Woolworths with the addition of a stylised leaf to suggest fresh produce.

It is also reminiscent of a 1970s Woolworths logo. However, the company’s slogan, “The Fresh Food People”, which is known throughout Australia, remains as a key part of the new logo.

The company introduced these changes in order to further distance itself from its major rival Coles Supermarkets, and to make its branding more modern, ‘softer’ and more like able


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by Avi Cuong Nguyen


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