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Luke Lucas

Born 1976, Melbourne, Australia.
Still living and working in Melbourne.

Luke Lucas is considered one of the best typographers in the world, not through a stroke of luck, but through working tirelessly day and night on what he loves best – creating unique and inspiring typographic design with a ton of character. From the tongue twisting type of the Big Mouth Project logo to super fine serifs, Luke’s work has been featured in everything from magazines in Melbourne to billboards in New York. As well as being a world-class typographer, Luke is also one of the co-founders of Melbourne based creative agency Lifelounge.




Lifelounge Group is a digital media and entertainment company. Known best for pioneering with and, Australia’s No. 1 youth & entertainment website developed through a joint venture with Fairfax Digital.

Luke announced his departure from Lifelounge in October of 2011.


Luke Lucas was asked to develop a ribbon style script typeface for the April 2011 edition of Canadian women’s fashion journal Elle Canada. It’s their largest issue yet and marks their 10th Anniversary so they wanted a typeface that was from white ribbon and was festive, feminine and elegant.


This illustration was created for the Business section of the Washington Post as part of a wrap up of the fourth financial quarter of the year and has a focus on the best way for investors to navigate through the “Euro crisis”.

Luke’s response sees the Q4 being a monument of epic proportions, but in a deteriorated state crumbling under its own weight. The storm has cleared now and an investor is being aided in climbing to the top again.


Luke Lucas was commissioned by the Washington Post to create this illustration for a special report on smart energy featured in the Business Sunday section of the paper . The brief was to create an aerial view of a city power grid with the words Power Up, America as the focus.

Overall, Luke Lucas’ contribution of his different, quirky and confident designs to the world of Typography is amazing, and I personally know that there is a lot to learn from his creations.
I look forward to researching him further in the future.



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