POST 3: Kay – Top 10 OZ Logos

Posted: March 20, 2012 by kaybeebaby1 in Uncategorized

Australias top ten Logos of all time:

My number one has to be the AC/DC  logo! It is not the oldest nor best around, but I grew up with that band rattling through the radios and tv and I think that this one was my first encounter with any Australian logo back in Germany! And it left a lasting memory. Formed in 1973 the band came up with a logo, which instantly tells you that this is a heavy metal band! The band’s logo was designed in 1977 by Gerard Huerta. It first appeared on the international version of Let There Be Rock. The font used is Squealer and several heavy metal bands used same afterwards.

As number two I would list the FOSTER’S logo! This logo represents Australia how people imagine it. The colours are calming and let people imagine of water and sun and of course a cold beer! The font is crisp and clear as the beer wants to be. Fosters is loved and known all over the world (maybe not as much here in Australia) and Crocodile Dundee made it famous abroad…. Crikey as Steve Erwin would say!

Also an entry onto the podium comes from QANTAS (for your info guys Qantas is the oldest continuously operating airline in the world). The logo shows One of Australia’s status symbols and native animal combined with clear colours and the use of counter colouring. The shape represents by my meaning the steering wing (back wing) of a plan and lets us imagine the take off of our little flying kangaroo! The logo is known worldwide and hopefully it will still be around for a while… “So where the bloody hell are ya?”

The following logos I haven chosen to be on the spots 4 to 10 and definitely need to be mentioned here as these are part of my life and surround me / us all day every day! 

floating into No 4 our beloved Bundaberg Rum logo – mmmhm:

Hopping onto no. 5 is just purely Australian Made symbol – mate:

Flying in on spot 6 is The Royal Flying Doctors logo – such a great service:

with permission and legally on spot 7 the Australian Government/Immigration logo – spent heaps of time with them too:

on smeary 8 is our Vegemite – you are not an Aussie if you haven’t at least tried it:

kicking in on goal 9 is the Sherrin Football – you are not in the game if you don’t own a sherrin Sherrin

and on the hot smoking entrance spot 10 we have Winfield Cigarettes – almost as good as Crocodile Dundee…not, but truly old school Aussie style.

Watch this space folks!! 



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