NAOKI POST4: Typographer from Melbourne to the world

Posted: March 20, 2012 by mypalmick in Uncategorized

Will the real    Luke Lucas     please stand up! 



                                                                                                                NY Times – Sweet & Savory
Luke Lucas is an incredibly talented and impressive typographer, graphic designer and art director from Melbourne, Australia. He is also cofounder of the creative agency Lifelounge as well as co creator of Lifelounge Magazine. Some of the clients he has worked for include Esquire Magazine,JOIA Magazine,Elle Canada Magazine, NY Times, Nike and many more.  Luke Lucas is an incredibly talented and impressive typographer, graphic designer.
 Melbourne’s Funky typo talent to the world

                                                what he loves best

 creating unique and inspiring typographic design with a ton of character. From the tongue twisting type of the Big Mouth Project logo to super fine serifs, Luke’s work has been featured in everything from magazines in Melbourne to billboards in New York.
1996-1999     –  Co-founder / Co-Creator Fourinarow Magazine

Together with buddy and all around rad guy Jamie Driver, half way through the first year of art school they started publishing an inline skating magazine called Fourinarow.Over the following 3 years, published 8 editions of Fourinarow which  distributed to 14 countries around the world.


1999-2011 – Co Founder/Creative Director of Lifelounge

Lifelounge created one of the longest serving online creative portals website, 14 editions of the contemporary culture print magazine Lifelounge (2005 – 2011) and a multi-award winning creative agency.

 2011   –    Present: Freelance Creative Profession


  1. aviavi55 says:

    I like the picture for sweet and savory.
    The typography used for the word sweet is really appropriate.
    I also like the design because it looks like how wine would flow when it hits the glass.

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