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Kris Holmes


Kris Holmes is an American Typeface designer born in California in the 50’s. Kris is responsible for designing over 75 fonts, at least half of those are widely used and available across multiple platforms.



This talented Typographer created the Lucida Font Family with her partner and husband Charles Bigelow.




These fonts have been developed as system fonts for the Apple Macintosh OSX Operating System.

Other fonts for the Macintosh OS include TrueType Chicago, Monaco, Geneva, New York, Apple Chancery, Textile and Capitals, just to name a few.

Kris Holmes had an interesting path to get to where she became a well known Typeface designer.

She was raised on a farm with her family in California before she decided to study Calligraphy at Reed College under Lloyd Reynolds. At Reynolds suggestion she moved to New York and took up modern dance. After completing that did her BA at Harvard, took a few more calligraphy and design classes, and studied animation before finally deciding to design typefaces.  Ironically, the only formal typeface design course she did lasted all of two weeks. She now teaches Typography in several reputable schools and colleges.


Her Calligraphy and lettering have appeared in several scientific journals and magazines, as well as many other publications. Her work has been exhibited in many reputable museums and colleges around the world, and her lettering used for signage in places like the Louvre,Paris, Ghiardelli Square, San Francisco and the Water Lantz Studio, UCLA



Isadora is an example of a beautiful font created to express both modern calligraphic ideals as well as more traditional work from 17th-18th century designers. The font was named after the dancer Isadora Duncun whose dance was both strong and delicate, and whose inspiration is both classical and modern.

First Sketches of the birth of the 'Isadora' font.








  1. crystalspencer30 says:

    Kahra this is a very well put together post and reads very nicely. Its interesting how her’ Isadora’ font really does feel like a dance, the curly letters all joined up together create a sort of movement. I wouldnt be surprised if she came up with it while dancing.

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