Posted: March 21, 2012 by natkiryk in Uncategorized

I have seen this emblem alot over my years of travelling, it appears on the front of the Australian passport. It is the logo for our country, used by the Australian Government. Many of the emblems on the logo were established hundreds of year ago and there is quite an elaborate meaning behind each one. The animals were chosen because none of them can move backward, they only move in a forward direction – i.e. progress.

Bonds has been around since 1915. The logo is simple but sheek looking. It suits the brand well as it is versatile and with the small strokes leading your eye from left to right, it’s implies you’re “going somewhere” with Bonds. I love bonds and find there prices reasonable, designs kept simple, with fun patterns and colours for the underwear and more neutral colours for the apparel.

Looking for a ‘dignified but flippant’ symbol for the new business in 1935, it was Allen Lane’s secretary who suggested a penguin for Penguin Books Australia. The world famous mark has been updated several times since then and adapted for the digital age. Isn’t the penguin cute! The timeless design is known throughout the world.

Other favourite aussie logos…

Television Channel

Holden Cars

 Classic EH Holden from the 1960’s

Penfolds Wine

Mark Richards Surfboards

Ugg boots

Rage – Late night music show on Channel Two/ABC


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