Post 3 Crystals Top 10 Logos

Posted: March 26, 2012 by crystalspencer30 in Uncategorized

1.  Australian Made

The first one that came into my mind was the Australian made logo, its been around for as far back as i can remember, except now it reminds me to try to buy Australian made and owned products.

2.  The Wilderness Society

I love ‘The Wilderness Society’ Logo for all of the beautiful animals they have managed to fit into the logo and still the Platypus is prominent and the composition is very balanced and harmonious. Its interesting how its the same triangular shape as the ‘Australia Made ‘ Logo, it seems to be communicating that ‘The Wilderness Society’ is about Australian wildlife in particular. The ‘Greens Party’  logo has also taken on the triangular shape and the green colour of the ‘Australian Made’ logo to provoke thoughts of ‘Australianess’ if that’s a word.

3. Greenpeace

    Ive always liked the font of the ‘Greenpeace’ logo and for me every year i like it more and more because every year i love the company more and more. When i look at this logo it makes me think about what they stand for.

4. Sea Shephard


‘Sea Shephard’ for the same reason, the symbolism is very provocative, i love that its just black and white it jumps out at you, but mostly when i see it i feel an emotional response of pride and amazment at what the ‘Sea Shephard’ team do.


5. Vegemite and 6. Arnotts



I love the ‘Vegemite’ Logo for its use of simple colours and font and Arnotts for the beautiful graphic of the Rosella however ive put these two together because even though they evoke patriotic feelings they arn’t actually Australian owned any more, which is very sad to me. The vegemite symbol reminds me of the ‘Happy Little Vegemite Add’ and when i see the symbol the song actually plays in my head.


7. Drizabone


 I like the  how the word ‘Driza-Bone’ is encapsulated within a bone, your eye is attracted to it and is almost held there, like it doesn’t let you escape or something. I first noticed it because mu Mum worked there when she was younger, and even though they sold to a foreign country, the company is again Australian owned.

  1. paulalaki says:

    I love that you talked about why you liked the logos. It gave them meaning beyond just the design and showed why they are iconic Australian.

    Thanks for the post

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