POST 04: Vincent Connare – Typography by LukeS

Posted: March 27, 2012 by lukestudeman in Uncategorized
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POST 04: Vincent Connare – Typography by LukeS

Although know for his production of “Magpie” a beautiful book open type font. Vincent Connare is most known for “Comic Sans” seemingly an accidental creation, never thought to become as common as it is now or even included in all Microsoft packaging.

Whilst working at Microsoft Connare received a copy of a cartoon creation program “Bob”. Although the program was used to create cartoons, the interface was also comic inspired, yet used “Times New Roman”, which was originally inspired from roman engravings from ancient times  which of course, clashed against a rounded colourful comic look.

Referencing from every possible comic possible Connare started to design a comic typeface. “The Dark Knight Returns” seemed to be his greatest influence. Slowly but surely he drew letters over & over again, making sure he didn’t copy but checked all text to be approximately the same weight as his comic text.

After completing his font he tested within the finished “Bob” program & realised that the metric system for his font was larger than the original font.

After resizing & designing lower case & finishing his creation. “MS Movie Maker” picked up the font for a similar program to “Bob”.

Connare originally called his font “Comic Book” but found it childish & it was later changed to “Comic Sans” as most lettering was of San Serif style.

Microsoft decided to package the font in “Windows 95” and now its EVERYWHERE!

Apple picked up the idea 8 years later and mimicked the font as “Chalkboard” due to “Comic Sans’ popularity.


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