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Posted: March 27, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized

Australia what makes Australia Australian

how can you tell you are buying an Australian product? Maybe the logo…?

Here are my top ten Australian logos of all time…

 The Quantas logo makes the top ten because of its iconic design that just screams Australia.

First created 1920 the kangaroo was inspired by the kangaroo on the Australian 1 cent. As the logo evolved the kangaroo remained constant in later iterations of the airline including when it was called TAA and Australian Airlines. Sydney designer Gert Sellheim first depicted the kangaroo symbol, and then in 1984 Tony Dunn revised the logo. In 1995 the logo was revisited again in celebration of the 75th anniversary celebrations.

Australian Art Supplies:

Some logos are the best because they are the most simple and can evoke a sense of wonder and inspiration. Australian Art Supplies logo design uses a single, multicolored line to fill in a shape of the continent. The colors of the rainbow are arranged in order, while the name of the company is written in simple lower case letters to the side. The way the name is located off-center creates a well-balanced and interesting image that is nonetheless artsy and inviting.

The Cato Partners designed royal Guide Dogs Association

This has to be one of my all time favourites logos it is just so simple and yet it combines the symbiotic nature of the product so well with just simple line strokes and great use of colour to the point that you could separate the elements of the man and the dog that on there own or together you know exactly what they are.











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