POST 4: Kay, Typography (Ellen Lupton)

Posted: March 27, 2012 by kaybeebaby1 in Uncategorized

Ellen Lupton and Typography

“Ellen Lupton primarily bases her designs on typography. Of course in a very diverse world, there are many different typefaces that go unnoticed on an everyday basis. Lupton, however, bases type on a communicative level. Not only is letting used to describe everyday things to us, or to help us communicate, but it’s also there to be a creative tool for writers, artists, illustrators, and graphic designers.”

In her long career Lupton has written several books describing and explaining the collaboration between design and type.

In her book “Thinking with Type” for instance Lupton is taking us through the entire story about type. Lupton  is able to deliver the story about type to the reader in an understandable way and without boring or overwhelming the reader.


We get an inside about the letter itself like its anatomy, size, scale etc. etc.


She furthermore talks us through the next step the text and the important thinks like kerning, tracking, alignment and line spacing.


Lupton also talks about the grid and its variations and how it is best used to get the text and the message out to the reader/ customer.


Ellen Lupton says “Typography is the convergence of art and language. This makes it hugely powerful as a tool and a means of expression.”

Regardless of the type of design some texts may have, text is everywhere. It is a medium and a message to the senders and receivers. We see type on TV, on the streets in terms of stickers, posters, graffiti and so on. Type is very important for clothing label in order to sell their products. Type is everywhere!

To make a long story short, Life would be boring without TYPE!!! Type is art!!!




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