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Posted: March 27, 2012 by crystalspencer30 in Uncategorized

April Greiman was born in 1948, studied in Switzerland in the 1970s and worked as a contemporary American Designer. But Greiman was to break from the modernist approach to typography and embrace a new typographical methodology termed ‘The New Wave Movement’ As a young design student Greiman had been taught all design work on a strict grid system. This old modernist technique was now very dated. The ‘New Wave Typography’ promoted a more intuitive approach to layout, experimenting with image placement and typography that went way beyond the grid.

      In her work, she continued to explore typographic meaning and began experimenting with ways to alter the two-dimensional space, making it more three dimensional and even tried to depict aspects of space and time.

The ‘New Wave’ used inconsistent and and often wide letter spacing, varying type weights within single words and type set at unusual angles. It questioned our concepts of how type should appear on the page.

She began using video and analogue computers to hybridize, combining different elements through the new media. Greiman knew intuitively that the field of graphic design was rapidly changing and that emerging technologies would soon be integrated into everyday design practice. Before the publication of Greimans famous magazine designers usually considered bit-mapped type and imagery to be completely unacceptable. After its publication, designers started to embrace the new technology.

             April Greiman is recognized as one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool. Her innovative ideas and ‘transmedia ‘ approach put her at the cutting edge of design technology. In 1984 she bought her first Apple Mac Computer and with it she designed the seminal poster for the ’Design Quarterly Magazine’. This was a ground breaking project. The magazine folded out to a six foot life size poster of the artist. This was an entirely digitalizes image made with ’Mac-Draw’.


Many of the technological advances in the Graphic Design World can be traced back to this issue of Design Quartely.




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