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Milton Glaser Posters

In 1968, Glaser and Clay Felker founded ‘new york magazine’. Glaser was president and design director until 1977
(as well as its ‘underground gourmet’ – writing about good, cheap restaurants in N Y). Publication design had become
a big interest.

Since founding milton glaser, inc. in 1974, Milton Glaser, inc. The work produced at his manhattan studio has encompassed a wide range of design disciplines such as: print graphics, logos, book covers, and posters.

He has designed and illustrated more than 300 posters including the famous Bob Dylan poster, environmental and interior design exhibitions, interiors and exteriors of restaurants and other retail and commercial environments.

In 1983 he founded the company WBMG, a studio dedicated to magazine and newspaper design work, with walter bernard (former art director of ‘time’). since its inception, they have designed more than 50 magazines, newspapers and periodicals around the world.

From the start of his career, milton glaser has been an active member of both the design and education communities.

The following are some examples of posters created by Milton Glaser.





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