Music Graphics – Jamie Hewlett

Posted: April 3, 2012 by kinnit in Uncategorized

Jamie Hewlett, himself, in Bangladesh

Jamie Hewlett became famous in 1989, when he was invited to expand his Tank Girl character in the UK magazine Deadline. Tank Girl, the post apocalypse punk chick who lived in a tank, became an overnight sensation, and Jamie Hewlett became a household name.


Tank Girl, Deadline

Hewlett’s style is bold, perverse, and edgy, and instantly recognisable. His influences include comic legend Brendan McCarthy, and his work in 2000AD comic; MAD magazine; Japanese anime; and cult (read B rated) horror movies.
In 1995 Tank Girl was adapted into a movie, and turned out to be a total flop in so many ways. However, it was not long after this that he met Damon Albarn, and began working on the legendary fake band Gorillaz. The idea was to create a band made up of personalities who were as outrageous as they wanted them to be. Jamie did the visuals, and Damon, with the help of many musicians, created the sounds.
During the early 1990’s he delivered artwork for the indie punk band The Senseless Things (see below), Image
Pulp (below)
and also, allegedly (although I can find no trace of this work) the band Cud.
He has continued to work with Damon Albarn, and together they have created an opera version of ‘Monkey’, again with Jamie creating all the visuals, and Damon making the music.



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