Post 4: Neville Brody Typo: Paula Laki

Posted: April 3, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized

Post 4:

 Contemporary Typography & Neville Brody

I won’t go into detail about when and where Neville Brody was born and what school he went to because I have covered that in an earlier post.

Typography is the ability to create, design, arrange and modify typefaces in order to bring them together to form a purpose


Tell a story, give people a message etc.…

Typefaces have changed over the years due to rapid changes in technology making it easier for both the trained and not to partake in the world of typographers.

The Ages of type:

Calligraphy type: created using quill and ink

Serif type: faces which was used in the printing press and type writters.

Sans serif type: used in today’s computers.

Neville Brody is considered a contemporary typographer not simply because he used and created san serif typefaces but because he broke many of the ruling foundations of how type was to be laid out on posters and magazine, which included turning type on it side, having type with in type even having type laid over images which until then would have been considered sacrilege to the photographer.

Neville Brody has inspired other designers to change the way they think about type and you can see his infulances in many magazine publiciations including Vouge, GQ even the Rolling Stones…

I feel that his typography has such a fluidity to it that at times it can look like a work of art rather than a piece of advertising. I leave you now with some examples of Neville Brody’s work to ponder over.

  1. tmhuk says:

    Not really accurate. I was there and Brody certainly changed things. But we were putting type on it’s side and over images before Brody, inspired by people like Herb Lublin and his Upper & Lowercase. Brody made things acceptable because he was lucky enough to be “allowed” to do it.

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