post 6- Sanna Annukka, music graphics. by Daisy

Posted: April 3, 2012 by daaissy in Uncategorized

Sanna Annukka is an illustrator born in Brighton, East Sussex, on the 9 th August 1983. Her mother being Finish and father being english split her childhood between the two countries. Sanna spent her summers in a beautiful village in Finland called Paltaniemi.  Here she explored and travelled around Lapland with her family, camping by artic rivers. Sunnas major influence and inspiration are from her childhood days spent in finland.

Sunna Annukka works from home where she has lived for the past 10 years in Briton after completing all of her art studies at the University of Brighton with a BA hons in Illustration.

Sunna Annukka’s Illustration for “Keane” ‘Under the Iron Sea’ was her first commissioned work since she graduated six months earlier. She made the album graphics in photoshop despite her normal use of silk screen printing due to time retstictions.

Sunna used the Horse as to her it represents strength and power and can also symbolize coping under difficult circumstances. She felt that the horses is an appropriate symbol for the album as the theme of dealing with emotional battles and life’s struggles is very evident within the song writing.

She met the band “Keane” through friends and used the lyrics as inspiration for her illustrations. Her illustration of the cd version of ‘Is it any wonder’ is of a lonesome soldier, The 7” version of ‘Is it any wonder’ has three soldiers on the cover, they are trudging a sorrowful march through sorry lands and they form part of a narrative within the album booklet.

Sunna Annukka creates her pictures starting with sketches for some things and scans them in to the computer to use as a template. She then creates block shapes/ silhouettes and gradually infuses intricate patterns and details on top of them.

The Finish national epic the Kalevala, has a huge influence on Sunna’s artwork, her work also has quite an eastern feel to it. Sunna also loves the period of Scandinavian design from the 50s and 60s which she finds very influential.


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