Post Six – Jake: Dan Mumford

Posted: April 3, 2012 by jakecheeseman in Uncategorized

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford, is an illustrator/screen printer that lives in London, he has designed album artwork, and band t-shirts for large hardcore bands such as ‘Bring me the horizon’, ‘Miss May I’, ‘Chelsea Grin’, ‘ The devil wears prada’, ‘Gallows’, and many more.

His progression into his unique style and working with the hardcore music scene came from playing in local bands from a very young age.
“I always knew people in bands and when I got asked to work for some friends it just seemed like a natural thing to combine music and art, my work has just grown out of that really.”

Mumford works off both adobe illustrator and photoshop, both for various things, using a tablet pen to sketch his ideas and converting the sketches into his artworks using adobe illustrator and photoshop. Although most of his artworks are based around grim, tentacles and dark looking things, Mumford is more interested in natural looking shapes, and beautiful linework than the grim side of things.

Lately he has been working primarily on the computer from the start of a project to the finished result, although he is now starting to head back to doing more work with pen and pencil he believes “There is something you cant beat about the control, but at the same time working on a tablet is great for quick jobs.”
When asked how he makes his work, replied with.
“With pencils, pens, and the wonders of photoshop. All my work is either hand rendered or created with the use of a tablet.”

Dan is influenced by a lot of movies and ideas from sci-fi/action movies in the 80’s from growing up around them, he tries not to reference the present too much in his artworks.

Gallows – In the Belly of a shark

Gallows – Abandon Ship

One of his artworks, the album cover for the band ‘Gallows’ of a shark devouring a ship is a follow up single to ‘abandon ship’, so he thought it would be nice to keep the second single in theh same style and theme as the first, thus rather than being a giant sea squid, it’s a giant shark. Also the name of the song was “in the belly of a shark” so it seems quite appropriate.

A day to remember – Album Cover







  1. stacypollard says:

    i like how he kept the artwork consistent with the first singles to give the band a visual identity. well written post that shows your interest in the music

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