Week 6 – Avi Cuong Nguyen

Posted: April 3, 2012 by Virtual Reality and Technologies in Uncategorized


Airside is a contemporary graphics design studio founded in 1998 – 2012 by Alex Maclean, Fred  Deakin and Nat Hunter. Airside employed many other people in the design field with diverse backgrounds. Together this studio won many awards, some include: D&AD, Bafta, Design Week and Apple.

Some of the types of work produced by Airside studio range from moving image, graphic design, illustration, interactive digital media and album covers. They used mediums such as TV commercials, Web sites and billboards to create their designs.

Airside made their mark in the design world by employing whimsical wit to their designs and through using multiple media they achieved great success.

The three founders went their own way in 2012. Alex Maclean started in architecture and interior design has moved on to animation and Web designs. Fred began his music and design career by creating promotional material and visuals for the clubs he was running; he still performs as half of the band Lemon Jelly. Nat moved into graphic design from a background in human computer interface design and psychology.

However Airside is not finished the company currently has nine staff. Its Tokyo branch, Airside Nippon, “will continue to trade as normal,” the company says. As a lasting comment from the founders,

“We’ll be focused as always creating amazing work for our clients and ourselves – this is the last chance for us to work together as Airside. Although we definitely plan to collaborate in future.”








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