POST 7: STACY 1890 -1909

Posted: April 23, 2012 by stacypollard in Uncategorized

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History continues to repeat itself, and often the trends in modern design that seem so new and current are drawn directly from years gone by: a tribute to good design being able to stand the test of time. Themes styles, graphics, colours and icons from different decades of the twentieth century- have influenced, and play a part in contemporary design.


Eastman completes box camera, Effiel completes tower in Paris, Henry Ford builds first car 1892, first film shown publicly in Paris at the Hotel Scribe in 1895, the yellow kid American comic strip by Rudolf Dirks 1897, Mucha, the hobby horse, the Studio, Walter Crane, Edward Burne – Jones Kelmscott Press, Harpers Weekly, Beardsley, William Morris, the yellow book. Gustav Stickley, Will Bradley


skeleton telephone, first Cubist exhibition, Peter Behrens builds first steel and glass building and AEG poster Jugenstijl, socialist revolution party formed. ‘Colliers’ magazine. Edward Penfield. ‘la baionnette’, ‘ millions’, ‘every week’ figaro illustre’, the arcadian’, jessie m. king, charles rennie mackintosh, mucha, Klimt, Moser, Hoffman, Olbrich, Loffler, Vienna Secession stamps, Eckman Schmuk, Otto Eckmann, Art Nouveau, Galle, Guimard, Mackmurdo, William Morris, San Francisco earthquake, Fauves movement, Futurism begins, Cubism, music halls, first flight by Wright brothers, zeppellin flight, new york subway opened, Henry Ford model T in production line, colours opalized pinks pantone 5035/ 4675, ballet russe, Fauves used scarlet pantone 199, apple green 584.neo impressionists yellow 128/orange 143/teal 321/periwinkle660/violet 512/rust 704/green 575/fonts Franklin Gothic/ franklin gothic extra condensed/franklin gothic no.2/Bodoni/ Bodoni poster italic/ Caslon/ Caslon italic

  1. christineslabb says:

    Christine- “Mucha”

  2. aviavi55 says:

    Avi – Effiel completes tower in Paris

  3. Odin says:

    Stacy please put me down for The Yellow Book

  4. jakecheeseman says:

    Can I please do Edward Penfield, thanks.

  5. paulalaki says:

    Hi Stacy Paula here I would like to cover Art Nouveau for post 7.


  6. kahraokeefe says:

    i am doing Richard F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid

  7. moniquemwilson says:

    Harpers Weekly for me please, Stacy!

  8. kaybeebaby1 says:

    Kay – cubism

  9. Odin says:

    Change of mind, I would like to do Aubrey Beardsley instead

  10. mypalmick says:

    I’d like to take NY subway.Naoki

  11. moniquemwilson says:

    UPDATE – Franklin Gothic

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