post 7 ~ Bodoni by Natalie Kiryk

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History has given him the title of “the king of typographers”

Giabattista Bodoni was born, 1740, in Italy. He was known for engraving, type design, typographer, printer and publisher. His impact is still seen today with the ever famous font Bodoni, being used for posters, logos and many other areas in the world of graphic design. The fonts of the Italian printer have been copied, revived and interpreted hundreds of times .

He developed a dramatic and bold style.  From the 1780’s he worked with his brother, Giuseppe to produce his own types. In 1798 was when he first designed the font Bodoni.

These are the lead font type face that Giambattista Bodoni would use to print with by inking them up and then print onto paper. The type face on the leading is “Bodoni” as well.

He became internationally known and collectors sought his books. His coldly elegant books were frankly made to be admired for typeface and layout, not to be studied or read. His many important works include fine editions of Horace, Virgil and Homer’s Iliad.

His major work on printing was the Manual Of Typography which after his death was published by his wife. He created over 140 roman fonts, a corresponding number of italic designs, more than 115 titling and script fonts, a large number of ornaments and several non- Latin scripts. Much of the strength and beauty of Bodoni’s printing is a result of his ability to use absolutely the right design for any given application.

Bodoni had a long career and his designs evolved and differed. The typography Bodoni produced is still regarded as some of the most refined and structured printing ever produced.

The first modern revival of Bodoni’s work was drawn for the American Type Founders Company in 1910 by Morris Fuller Benton. The Bodoni Old FaceTM design, drawn by G. G. Lange for Berthold in 1983, took the first steps toward a true representation of Bodoni’s original typefaces. Late in the 1980s, Tom Carnase – assisted by Massimo Vignelli as design director – collaborated on WTC Our Bodoni for World Typeface Corporation.

More recently, the Bodoni Classic, ITC BodoniTM, Filosophia,
FB Detroit Bodoni, Lanston Bodoni, ParmaTM and Linotype GianottenTM typefaces have been added to the list of new Bodoni designs.

Where the Bodoni font is today…


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