POST8: STACY 1910-1929

Posted: April 30, 2012 by stacypollard in Uncategorized

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armory show introduces modern art to new york / the edwardian era, outbreak of ww1 1914-18, the deer cry- archibald knox- liberty prints, first jazz record issued, russian revolution, stile liberty, leopoldo metlicovitz, odeeon casino posters, schnackenberg, ‘jugend’ ‘das plakat’, stockholm olympic posters, bortzell, leete, hassall, multiplex typewriter, underground font, bauhaus, Schlemmer, Schmidt, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Terry-Adler, Theo van Doesburg ,dada. hoch, heartfield, hausmann, manray, grosz, futurism, Informative Functionalism, futurism, Expressionism, Titanic sinks, WW1 begins, suffagette movement, foxtrot,Futurism, Orphism, travel, bobbed hair for women,light green pantone5445/swooning mauve 5015/tans 465/ iridescent colours electric light bulb invented


the roaring twenties, flappers, cocktails invented, the jazz age, charleston, new feminism, prohibition of alcohol 18th ammendment, coco chanel, burberry, jaeger, merz magazine, schwitters, million mark note herbert bayer, edward johnston – railway type, quaker oats, a.m.cassandre, bakelite candlestick telephone, philips 2514 radio and speaker, mussolini becomes prime minister of italy, al jolson appears in the jazz singer first full length talking film, kodak developes colour 16mm film, wall street crash, ‘vanity fair’, paris exposition internationale des arts decoratifs et industriels modernes in 1925, el lissitsky, futurist poster stamp 1931, binder, clarence underwood, raoul dufy textiles, gunta stolzl, neophone 1929, universal font 1925, futura font 1927, offset magazine, paul renner, gills sans 1928, beginnings of jazz, held, malevich, constructivism,elementare typographie”, great gatsby,turkey abolishes arabic alphabet and adopts roman, mah- jongg craze, tutankhamans tomb opened, black friday crash of wall street, bauhaus movement, abstact expressionism, chanel pallette- biege488/taupe4645/ gray warm/black, celery614/pale pink 691/lavender664/powder blue 650 light green 622, art deco bronze 8960/chrome, steel 8002/and glass, bright colours as spot colours,fonts eagle bold, cheltenham, cheltenham bold, kabel black, kabelbook, kabel heavy, kabel light, monotype broadway, ozwald, parsons, futura, erbar, franklin gothic, news gothic, gill sans, coronet

  1. natkiryk says:

    Nat- Bauhaus

  2. moniquemwilson says:

    I would love to do the Titanic sinking. 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. kahraokeefe says:

    I am doing japanese graghic design in the 20’s

  4. christineslabb says:

    Christine- Coco Chanel

  5. crystalspencer30 says:

    Expressionism Crystal

  6. Odin says:

    Dada for me, thanks!

  7. kaybeebaby1 says:

    Kay – elementare typographie

  8. jakecheeseman says:

    Jake – John Heartfield, please.

  9. mypalmick says:

    Naoki: Im doing “WW1 begins”

  10. paulalaki says:

    Paula: I’m gonna tackle ‘vanity fair’

  11. moniquemwilson says:

    UPDATE – futura font 1927

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