Post 7 Art Nouveau: plaki

Posted: May 1, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized

Otto Eckmann (Born 19, 1865 – June 11, 1902)

He was a German… and a painter and graphic artist.

Eckmann style of art falls into the Art Nouveau category which is to say his style was very decorated by the depiction of leaves and flowers in flowing, sinuous lines. In 1894 Eckmann gave up painting selling all his works to auction so he could concentrate on applied design (aka Known today as Graphic Design)

He designed book covers for publishing houses Cotta, Diederichs, Scherl and Seeman. He also designed logo’s for the magazine Die Woche. Eckmann’s fonts are still being used today.





Swashes on Caps

The style of typefaces durning the Art Nouveau period had a truly organic nature. By adding a flourish to an upper-case letterform is not unlike pinning a silk flower to the lapel of a grey flannel suit to go out on a summer’s day.  In today’s terms it could look needlessly gaudy. Yet this is exactly what type designers have been doing since the end of the nineteenth century. They have fitted the capital letters of classical typefaces such as Caslon, Bodoni, Baskerville and Bookman with special alternative characters adorned with curvy tails, tears and strokes. Bringing the typeface to life as if the bud were about to open.



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