Post 8 – Avi Futura

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Virtual Reality and Technologies in Uncategorized

Futura and its influence on graphics design

The inventor of Futura type face is Paul Friedrich August Renner who was born in Wernigerode, Germany on August 9th, 1878. During the summer of 1924, Renner started to work on what would become a typeface called Futura, his most well-known work.

Futura was a very important type of the time, especially in Germany, as it was a movement towards the modern roman letter and a departure from the Blackletter.

Renner’s Futura has also become the inspiration and foundation for many geometric types to date, and for that alone he deserves mention. Futura was commercially released in 1927-1930 and it became a cornerstone of the “New Typography” classified as Geometrical Modernism, form follows function became the key words and careful reasoning constrained all the character shapes to their utmost functional simplicity. With Futura in typographical the industrial revolution had reached its logical conclusion.

A well known graphic designer who was famous for using Futura as part of her design is Barbara Kruger.  She was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945 and left there in 1964 to attend Syracuse University. Early on she developed an interest in graphic design, poetry, writing and attended poetry readings. Her style was unique at the time and was characterized by the usage of black and white background with white Futura bold font highlighted in red. She used this style to bring attention to the feminist movement.


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