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us “dust bowl” saville row tailoring, sheath dress, trouser suit, manray, graham sutherland, piet zwart, ekco ad 65 radio, peoples radio, hitler appointed chancellor in 1933 then fuhrer in 1934, spanish civil war begins 1934, ‘blanco y negro’, herbert bayer, ‘die neue linie’ , life magazine first issue, world war 11 begins 1939, ramazzotti posters, federico seneca, hohlwein, bonal posters, edward mcknight kauffer,ruth reeves textiles, enid marx textiles, desk telephone, times new roman 1931, bmw logo,scarface jailed, dionne quintuplets born edward VIII abdicates to marry wallis simpson, dixieland jazz,boogie woogie, jive, swing era, gone with the wind, suntans, ballpoint pen by laslo biro, nylon stockings, falling water by frank lloyd wright, colours somber gray 432 black, brown 4625, white off white ivories, and soft pastels 9042, 9060, 9061, 9021, 9023, 9381, 9041 gilding, perwinkle blue 2725 with taupe 264 and dijon yellows 110 with charcoal gray 426, the little black dress, shocking pink211 fonts piranes script, stymie elongated, goudy stout, radiant, huxley vertical, times roman, futura , gill, granby, metro, memphisis, keynote script, kaufman script, greco solid, hollywood deco, dynamo, bernhardt bold, bernhardtmedium, bernhardt light,

  1. mypalmick says:

    Naoki : put me in Life magazine First issue

  2. natkiryk says:

    edward mcknight kauffer – nat

  3. moniquemwilson says:

    world war 11 begins 1939

  4. jakecheeseman says:

    Jake – Times new roman 1931, thanks

  5. crystalspencer30 says:

    Swing era for me cheers Crystal

  6. kaybeebaby1 says:

    edward mcknight kauffer

  7. christineslabb says:

    Christine- Dixieland Jazz

  8. kaybeebaby1 says:

    Kay – herbert bayer

  9. kahraokeefe says:

    paulo garretto

  10. Odin says:

    Graham Sutherland

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