Jake: Post nine – Times New Roman.

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Times New Roman is a serif typeface used by the British newspaper ‘The Times’ in 1932. After being criticised for having badly printed font, which is typographically old fashioned, and out of date (Times Roman) by Stanley Morison in an article he had written, the new font was commissioned. The font was supervised by Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent, The focus on the re-design was based around the legibility and economy of space. This revision became known as Times New Roman and made its debut on the 3rd of October 1932 issue of The Times Newspaper. The Times stayed with the font Times New Roman for 40 years.



As you can see by the image on the right, the slight differences made to the font “Times Roman” in its re-design to Times New Roman.




Because of its popularity, the typeface has been influential in the subsequent development of a number of serif typefaces both before Georgia, which has very similar stroke shapes to Times New Roman, only with wider serifs.

Although ‘The Times’ no longer uses the font Times New Roman it is still very frequent in book typography, especially because of its adaption into Microsoft products since version 3.1, also being the default font for Microsoft Word and web browsers. It has become one of the most widely used typefaces in history and is still adapted into modern graphic design.

Monotype/Linotype retail versions

Times New Roman

– This family includes Times New Roman (roman, bold)

– Times New Roman Medium (roman, bold),

– Times New Roman Semi Bold (roman, bold),

– Times New Roman Bold (roman, bold),

– Times New Roman Extra Bold,

– Times New Roman PS (roman, bold, Italics)

– Times New Roman Condensed (roman, bold, italic),

– Times New Roman Small Text (roman, bold, italic),

– Times New Seven (roman, bold, italics)..

Times New Roman WGL

– It includes fonts in WGL character sets, and only sold in TrueType format. It includes Times New Roman regular, bold, italic, bold italic.

Times New Roman World

– It is a version based on Windows Vista fonts. It includes fonts in WGL character sets, Hebrew, Arabic characters. Similar to Helvetica World, Arabic in italic fonts are in roman positions.










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