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Gabrielle Chanel was orphaned at the age of 6, to where she began to learn the trade of a seamstress.

At 18 years old she left the monastery to become a local tailor and sing in café’s and concert halls to where the local soldiers called her “Coco”.

Coco became a mistress to a rich ex-military officer and textile heir in 1908. She began to design hats as a diversion, which then went big.

1920’s Coco Chanel replaced the corset with comfort and casual elegance. Women at the time loved this, because it is very beautiful and becoming modern.

The horse culture and her strong influence for hunting so passionately fired Chanel’s imagination. Her enthusiasm in the sporting life led to clothing designs informed by those activities.

From her excursions on water with the yachting world, she appropriated the clothing associated with nautical pursuits, the horizontal striped shirt, bell bottom pants, crewneck sweaters, and espadrille shoes—all traditionally worn by sailors and fishermen.

Then Chanel introduced a perfume, Chanel No. 5, which became and remained popular, and remains a profitable product of Chanel’s company.

Chanel introduced her signature cardigan jacket in 1925 and signature “little black dress” in 1926. The concept of the “little black dress,” is often cited as a Chanel contribution to the fashion world. This cut also served as the perfect foil for accessories—belts and particularly ropes of pearls, and jewelry worn in dramatic arrays. Her fashion themes included simple suits and dresses, women’s trousers, costume jewelry, perfume and textiles.

She was still working in 1971 when she died. Karl Lagerfeld has been chief designer of Chanel’s fashion house since 1983.

And today in 2012 people are still wearing the timeless style of Coco Chanel.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street,

fashion has to do with ideas,

the way we live,

what is happening.

                                                                                             Coco Chanel

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    Good post and nice use of a slide show

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