Post 8 1920’s Vanity Fair: plaki

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History made of Covers:

The Vanity Fair magazine has been around for lets face it decades and decades and well I think you get the picture… During the 1920’s the Vanity Fair magazine covers were highly Illustrative with influence from the art movement of that time including: Art Deco, Dada and Surrealism just to name a few. Now I’m going to post some covers from two artist A.H. Fish and William Bolin, who were very influenced by the Art Deco movement and I will talk a little about their individual style as well as why I liked them as artist.

April 1922 – A.H. Fish

I love these covers because the Illustration is made up of these beautiful simple lines that demonstrate very clearly the style of that decade and well as the comical elements to the art.
A.H Fish use color is very striking she isn’t afraid to be bold with color and she chooses wonderful texture to the color that don’t drown the rest of the Illustration.

A.H. Fish seems to manage to find the right balancce  between too little and too much. and with the strong shapes used I would have to say the art influence would be Art Deco.














September 1925 – William Bolin

He created magazine covers for both Vanity Fair and Vogue. His style is very Art Deco with the geometric shapes as well as the style of the women with long slender bodies and long legs with feet coming to a dainty point. He use of light and shadow in the art makes them very striking and makes the viewer hold with anticipated movement.






I will also add a few more covers from various different artists


November 1921 – Warren Davis










May 1926 – Warren Davis













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