Post 10 – Avi – 1940 War Posters

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1940 War Posters

For this post I will be focusing mostly on the posters which was circulated in Germany and Holland during World War 2.

During 1940 graphic design took a government propaganda twist. There was two sides to the propaganda the allied side and the communist side. The two sides used posters, commercial art and essentially graphic design to inform, encourage support for the war effort.

From a design view, the war posters all have provocative messages designed to sway decisions to appeal towards a emotional and sometimes irrational response to a given subject.
Due to the technology available in the 1940s the colours which were used are simple but effective and the printing method used were plates and ink very similar to they way they print news papers.

Above says With Germany for FREE Holland / Netherlands. It was designed to align the the Dutch interest to that of Germany. Implying that true freedom for the community connected to Germany interests.

The Eternal Jew. This was a film poster which was released in 1941 designed as a anti-Semitic propaganda film. For most humans killing is a very unnatural act, in order to assist in the persecution of the Jewish people, who were living in Germany at the time, the government used films like these in order to dehumanise Jews to make killing  other humans easier.


During the war there was many propaganda and counter propaganda. The above poster V was a counter propaganda poster by Germany. At the time the Dutch division of the BBC encouraged its listeners to chalk the letter V for victory as an expression of their anti-German disposition.
Goebbels who was in charge of propaganda for the German side of the war, used this as part of his campaign so the next day all this “V=Victor, because Germany is winning for Europe on all fronts”  poster put up all over  Holland.


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