Post 9- Christine- 1930’s

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Lights, Camera, Design!

Hollywood deco came from the Art deco movement in Paris in the 1920’s.

Hollywood greatly flourished this movement into the 1930’s, hence Hollywood deco!
Everything became signature pieces of the Hollywood deco.
Interior design, fashion, cars, and drinks. It became a wealthy look of the rich and famous.
1930’s became the Golden Years in Hollywood, movies and movies stars were getting bigger and better. Even though the world went through the Great Depression and a World War, things were looking up.
From the toe tapping of Fred Astaire, to the glamorous and gorgeous Joan Crawford, yet the rough and rugged, smooth talking Cowboy John Wayne and the all time comical Charlie Chaplin, they all were apart of the glitz and the glamour that made the Hollywood deco become its own style.
Style that has;
a geometrical foundation (lengths, areas and volume).
Steps and rounded corners.
Clean and repeated lines.
Lavish and rich in colour.
Hollywood gave much attention to the colour Black and constantly used metallic.
Glass and mirror to give its glitz.
Hollywood has even its own typeface.
Silks and diamonds, sequins and fur, it was all part of the lavish life Hollywood deco.
Hollywood Poster designs all had big blockbuster titles with the Hollywood type.
Glamorous smooth looking movie stars softly printed almost glow like even if it was King Kong himself.

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