Post 10- Christine- 1940’s

Posted: May 22, 2012 by christineslabb in Uncategorized
“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was an energetic rhythm and blues song that delivered and promoted an upbeat war campaign. That brought hope and joy through song, dance and music. The American motto was “strong and proud”. This song and many hits after that (music) became a security blanket. To help that movement, were three sisters from Minnesota, America, “The Andrew Sisters”.

Their music was jazzy or jump blues with lightning quick vocals, harmonious voices and energetic dance moves.

This also went hand in hand with the promotional posters and album covers.

I found most of their promotional posters had a photo of their smiling gleaming heads. The posters speak or should I say shout for themselves. With bright and bold colours, bold text highlighting the top artist of the night. It has abundance of energy with illustrated dancing figures and shooting stars, letting you know its going to be full of fun and exciting times. (helping you not think about the war)

Even though the colourful yet punchy posters and great music was to keep you happy, The Andrew Sisters dressed in matching suits, but most of the time you could find them in an Army or a Navy outfit.

The sisters were so versatile with their style and music.

They became high demand in the mid 40’s. They were everywhere on radio and even on the big screen in 17 Hollywood movies, so posters of them were evrywhere.



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