Post 10, Kay – Abram Games – 1940’s

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Abram Games was one of the great poster designers of the 20th century. His contribution to the development of graphic communication was remarkable for having been made within the circumstances of propaganda communication during WW2. Images such as ‘Your Talk May Kill Your Comrades’ or ‘Don’t Crow About The Things You Know About’ applied modern design sophistication to the primary messages of wartime in a witty and effective way.


The war established Games as a master of poster design. He continued to work until the 1980s and produced a distinguished body of work for London Transport, BOAC, the GPO and other British organisations. At the same time Games worked tirelessly for Jewish causes and made some remarkable contributions to Hebrew typography through book design.



In 1947 Abram Games also designed an improved Cona coffee maker that managed to be both functional and attractive.

Abram Games was the winner of a competition to design an emblem for the 1951 Festival Of Britain. His combination of Britannia’s profile, compass points and bunting created an emblem that was symbolic of both magisterial decorum (history and tradition but not of royalty or militarism) and light-heartedness (social tolerance and humour). This was a perfect symbol for post-war transformation and of Britain making it.

(stamp ‘3D by Abram Games)

(symbol by Abram Games)


“Abram Games was the last master of the drawn lithograph before photography replaced traditional techniques in poster design” Conran Directory of Design.


  1. Please note the Abram did not design:
    1.Allied Art Poster
    2. 2.5, 6, 1 shilling stamp..just the 3d
    3. Festival of Britain poster..just the symbol!

    Estate of Abram Games

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